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I'm an Architect and Visual Artist. "The mother art is architecture" as Frank Lloyd Wright said, I believe that no matter what your passion is and what you are doing, whether you are aware or not, the actual final destination is that they all are parts of a bigger idea that have not happened yet, and you should not be afraid to dream a little bigger. That bigger idea could be either a sketch, an Artwork, the biggest building ever made on Earth, an International Space Station, or a City on Mars. All of them will be created in your mind and you will find out that your mind is a real God alive.




In my opinion, an Artist, a person who seeks his/her virtual Mother of Arts and prays for his/her mother and constantly tries to create idols from her, is a person who understands darkness, borders, the concept of art, and its destination, bravely without worries from judgments, walks beyond borders of imagination. That's the key point that separates artists from normal people.
I'm Hatef, a prayer, seeker and creator of idols.

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